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  • FeatureCAM allows users to draw or import a part drawing or model, recognize & identify features, and click simulation.
  • FeatureCAM generates toolpaths, creates NC code, and provides simulations including fixtures & complete machines.
  • FeatureCAM includes a complete tool library and F&S tables
  • FeatureCAM automatically selects tools, calculates feeds & speeds, and determines roughing and finishing operations.


2.5D feature-based CAD/CAM Mill module supports 2 axis and 2 ˝ axis CNC applications. Also supports 4th axis index and wrap.
3D CAD/CAM Mill module supports full 3 axis CNC applications.  Includes a selection of gouge-free toolpath techniques.
2D CAD/CAM TURN module supports 2 axis CNC lathe applications.
This module combines FeatureTURN and FeatureMILL to support lathes with C, Y, and B-axis milling capabilities.
This module provides programming for 2-axis, 2-axis taper, and full 4-axis wire EDM. It includes support for skim cuts, no-core cutting, and a cutting-conditions database.
This module intelligently recognizes features from 3D CAD files including solids (SAT, XMT), surfaces (IGES), 3D DWG/DXF’s, and native models (e.g., SolidWorks).
  Solid Modeling.
This optional module allows users to edit existing models or create new parts, clamps, and fixture’s to simulate gouge-free work environments.
Solid Modeling
  Tombstone Machining.
This optional module is an add-on to the FeatureCAM milling package that allows easy programming of production milling including multiple setups and tool-dominant toolpaths.
Tombstone Machining
  4 & 5-Axis Module
This upgrade module to FeatureMILL3D allows multi-axis positioning and also
supports true 4 and 5 axis simultaneous toolpaths.  This module supports
both horizontal and vertical machine tools
5-axis Positioning

Machine Simulation

This optional module allows users to view entire machine movements and detect any possible collisions







Maintenance plans are available for all FeatureCAM software modules. Please contact us for a demo or pricing information.
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